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Exient is an independent developer and publisher of games on mobile devices. We’re committed to bringing world renowned IP to the free-to-play mobile space.

Our current titles, “Dancing With The Stars” and “Lemmings” reach millions of players worldwide, developed to the highest standards and earning rave reviews.

Our unique, self funded approach makes us both a great place to work and a great company to partner with. If you’re a developer, we offer creative freedom without the time constraints and crunch culture found in work-for-hire studios. If you’re an IP holder, we give you the opportunity to engage with an audience of billions without the risks of funding development.


For 20 years, Exient has been one of the world’s leading developers of mobile games, with studios in both the UK (Leamington Spa) and Malta.

In our first decade, we found huge success as a developer, working with clients such as Sony, Electronic Arts, Activision & Ubisoft to bring some of their most treasured and iconic brands to handheld console devices. This included titles in the FIFA, Madden, Need For Speed & Sims franchises.

With the introduction of smartphones, the potential of handheld gaming exploded with audiences of billions hungry for gaming experiences. Anticipating this opportunity, Exient migrated into the mobile space, working with clients such as Rovio, Codemasters & Hasbro to bring world famous IP to mobile.

Titles such as F1 2016 demonstrated our technical prowess, bringing all the detail of a fully fledged console racing simulation to a smartphone. With Rovio, our reputation earned us the opportunity to expand the Angry Birds franchise with two brand new games, “Angry Birds Go!” and “Angry Birds Transformers”.

These two titles marked Exient’s first foray into free to play game development and between them have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.

It was this success that ultimately led to our evolution into the Exient of today, developing and self publishing free-to-play games on mobile.