Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game

LONDON, 15th March 2016 – BBC Worldwide has partnered with award winning games developer Exient Limited, to create Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game for mobile platforms. The iOS and Android app allows fans to play as their own celebrity on Dancing With The Stars, inhabiting a glamorous celebrity world brimming with drama and excitement, while training to become the top dancer each week. Combining popular match-3 gameplay with innovative social features, Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game will give fans the dancing experience they’ve been waiting for.

One of BBC Worldwide’s most popular global brands, Dancing with the Stars has been licensed to 52 countries, and a version of the show has been seen in over 75 countries, with over 250 series aired around the world to date.  Local versions of Dancing with the Stars air in countries as diverse as Lebanon, India and Russia. The brand has also extended into live events, gaming and digital properties.

Dave Hawkins, CEO, said, “We’re extremely excited and honoured to become a part of the massive success story that is Dancing With The Stars and our partnership with the BBC has resulted in a game that will break new boundaries in Match 3.  By taking DWTS into the mobile space, we aim to showcase the talent, spectacle, fashion, drama and pure joy that is a night of glam and glitz in the palm of your hands.”

Harriet Frost, Brand Manager for Dancing with the Stars, added “We’re thrilled to have an exciting and entertaining Dancing with the Stars mobile game to introduce to all our passionate fans around the world. As one of the world’s biggest entertainment brands, Dancing with the Stars is inventive, creative, glamorous and exciting and these values are all represented in our new mobile game.  We’re delighted by how the game is developing and hope it will provide our fans with a new fun way to interact with the Dancing with the Stars brand and engage, excite and entertain our fantastic community across the globe.”

Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game and will launch on the App Store and Google Play in September 2016, to hear more about the game, follow the below social media accounts:


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