TIGA 'Best Casual Game 2013'

tigaAward Exient Developed, Diggs Nightcrawler won Best casual game at the TIGA Industry Excellence Awards 2013 beating Wonderbook:Book of Spells, Just Dance 2014, Despicable Me: Minion Rush and Aardman Animations: Championsheep2.


Great job to all that were involved on making a super game!  A special thanks to Sony and of course the o-so creative folk at Moonbot studios we loved working with them and their beautiful characters set in Library City.  


Diggs Nightcrawler really did push our development team to their limits in terms of the sheer breadth of the gameplay and beauty of the artwork, our super talented Exient Light & Magic team worked tirelessly to bathe the scenery in gorgeous ambient lighting and atmospherics matching Moonbots visionary concepts; the fact that the player can spin around this world by just turning the book around makes this a magical experience, if you’ve not picked up a copy yet then we strongly recommend you do!