Games as a Service, Development as a Service



As always, Exient provides a proven, dependable solution to the transition of game code from one platform to another.  We have designers, artists and engineers that are very skilled at delivering the highest quality art, gameplay and user experiences on any platform from dual screen, to touch, time again we deliver great game-play and impeccable graphics.


Free to Play

We have a great deal of recent and high-value experience in the free to play games sector; working with Publisher Rovio, we believe we are building one of the biggest single free-to-play games to hit the App Store this holiday season.  We have pulled the combined resources of free-to-play experience, from renowned consultants and industry heavy weights to help shape our business model to make the game rewarding and fair, indeed our mantra is ‘fair-free-to-play’ as we firmly believe that squeezing our gamers for money without offering fair value is damaging to both our products and to the business as a whole.

We are regularly providing publishers with detailed Free-to-Play consultancy on their most valuable console IP and this is shaping our understanding all of the time.  We can do the same for you.


Next Generation Development

Exient has undergone a huge transformation since 2011, in the last 24 months we have bolstered our development and management teams with industry excellence and experience, we have delivered the Bafta Nominated Diggs Nightcrawler on Sony Wonderbook and we are readily prepared to build next generation gaming that will wow the world!  Indeed we are proud to be one of the first developers to be launching a title on XBOXONE and PlayStation 4 (simultaneously with 6 other platforms running on XGS).




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